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Kuminiano Fruit

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Kuminiano Fruit is a family-owned company specialising in the production of fruit products for the food industry. Founded in 1995 in Bulgaria by Pietro Santorelli, it originally focused on processing cherries in brine for confectionery companies.

It has since grown into a major global company with three separate business segments: cherry products, including cherries in brine, in alcohol, fruit cocktail cherries and glacé cherries; frozen fruits; and dried plums. The company processes about 28,000 tonnes of raw materials per year, selling its products in more than 30 countries and generating a turnover of €23m. Kuminiano Fruit now employs more than 200 people.

Roberto Santorelli, one of Pietro’s sons, is the current CEO and he says that despite the company’s continued growth, it retains its original family traditions and values of “honesty, respect, simplicity and teamwork”.

“Our determination to support our growers with our know-how and our financial resources is a key factor in our success,” Roberto explains. “As are diversification, economies of scale and our direct and long-term relationship with our customers around the world.”

Roberto also points to the sustainable growth of the business and its ongoing commitment to social issues and to promoting best practice right across the supply chain. “Product quality has allowed us to increase sales not only in Europe but also in the Americas and Asia,” he says.

“Our vision is for a vertical integrated business model following the food supply chain from farm to table, creating social, environmental and economic value. We have developed our own-brand products under the Santorelli name, and this will enable us to increase our workforce by about 10%.”

As for advice to other budding entrepreneurs, Roberto says: “SMEs need to develop a successful business model, invest in their key success factors and expand collaborative partnerships to grow locally and internationally.”