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Fatrom is a Romanian company that rears pigs and produces feed for livestock. Forming a cooperative called Pork & Co – consisting of nine farms and a feed mill – the company has been able to expand production to 9,000 pigs, a piglet rearing farm with the capacity for up to 20,000 piglets and 40 boars, and an artificial insemination laboratory. The feed mill produces 60,000 tonnes of feed per year.

“We have focused on the most difficult part of swine production – genetics and reproduction,” says Fatrom CEO Andrei Soare. “But done well this is also the most lucrative part of the production chain and we have managed to achieve excellent levels of productivity, which has translated into a strong position in our domestic market, as well as very high margins.”

Andrei says new production facilities incorporate the latest scientific developments in both technology and genetics, enabling Fatrom to develop a very scalable production chain, leading the company to achieve fast growth while maintaining a predictable level of productivity.

“Our people are our greatest strength,” says Andrei. “I know it’s a cliché but the people who founded the business and the team they created around them are behind the company’s success. It’s a young, dynamic team of people who share the same values and work ethic. They cover a large number of specialisations and have managed to bring a modern, technology-based approach into an industry that was considered quite traditional and rigid.”

The Pork & Co cooperative has given the company the critical mass necessary to become a major player in the Romanian domestic market and invest in marketing and product development.

As for the future, Andrei says the company has “a strong and realistic five-year plan, including an 80% increase in the workforce and continued expansion of the business.”