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The success of Laboratoire Science et Nature can be boiled down to a simple commitment: respect for the world we live in. The French company, which produces cosmetics and cleaning products, draws its inspiration directly from the earth.

“Our mission has remained unchanged since we started in 1972,” says Olivier Guilbaud, President of Laboratoire Science et Nature. “It is to preserve nature, understand its ecosystems and bring its benefits to man and society.”

The company began life on a 25-hectare farm owned by Olivier’s father, back when the trend for natural, organic products was in its infancy. Success was by no means guaranteed, but Olivier’s commitment to developing a culture within the cosmetics industry that pays respect to the natural world, soon gained admirers.

Today, the movement for sustainable living is strong. Laboratoire Science et Nature manufactures a range of products including Centifolia, a skin product that is based on a deep understanding of the intelligence of plants, and Prosens, which is the company’s own range of eco-certified products directed at the cleaning industry.

The company’s ability to stay true to its central vision is helped by the fact that it remains family-owned. It has been able to expand despite the tough economic conditions of the past decade and more. In 2006, it had a revenue of €4m, and an employee base at the company headquarters of 35. Now, it turns over €32m each year and boasts 200 core staff.

Olivier sees both challenges and opportunities up ahead. “Worldwide companies with huge financial means are investing in the organic market,” he says. “That’s why we need to strengthen our know-how and move quickly to take advantage, not only of the industry in France, but also in Europe, Asia and America.”