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Keeping it in the family

Communist leadership in Czechoslovakia, and the country had split into two: the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

“During this period all the people were in the same starting position,” says Pavol Konštiak, President of the Slovakian food distribution company. “It was a free country, and there was free business. That was the main theme of the period after the revolution in 1989.”

Pavol knew that the political and economic uncertainty that followed the revolution provided both dangers and opportunities for new businesses. If navigated correctly and carefully, a company could not only take advantage of the new economic landscape, but prosper in it.

“KON-RAD maintains a 100% commitment to its customers,” Pavol says. “Choosing the right employees is essential to achieving this – it’s the most important element in my business.”

The figures help to illuminate just how successful its growth has been: 200 employees, 400 suppliers, 2,000 customers, and an annual turnover of €60m. The global economic crisis that began in 2008 didn’t narrow its horizons; instead, the company built a 15,000m2 logistics centre, benefiting from the cheap loans being offered and the fact that, amid the crisis, construction companies were lacking the opportunities for work they had previously enjoyed.

This drove prices down, and as a result, KON-RAD began to expand. Pavol says that the company’s employees see KON-RAD as a second home, and their deep interest in its development and continued growth shines through in their work.

“At the beginning, I was alone with my dreams and hopes about the business, but I didn’t have any money,” he says. “I wanted to build a successful business. And I was successful. That success is only realised when it comes from the heart.”