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Building a smart future

Concepts around ‘smart cities’ and ‘smart buildings’ are rapidly turning into reality and one company at the forefront of this trend is London-based RedstoneConnect. Its technologies help clients run their real estate more efficiently, with services ranging from IT networking to building systems integration and ‘wayfinding’ in car parks and shopping centres.

“Buildings are evolving as quickly as today’s working practices and our challenge is to keep ahead of this,” says RedstoneConnect CEO Mark Braund. “Our customers continue to demand greater agility and more innovative ways of maximising investment. We have deployed a host of technologies that have helped change the way our customers’ employees engage with their working environment.”

“Buildings are evolving as quickly as today’s working practices”

The company has attracted a wide range of clients, from global financial institutions and public-sector organisations to real estate owners and even entertainment venues. What these clients all have in common is that they have buildings that need managing, and RedstoneConnect’s services are helping them do that in a way that’s not only effective but also saves them money, says Mark. “For most organisations, people and real estate are their largest costs, so redefining the relationship between the two can have a material impact on the bottom line.”

The company has sharpened its focus on the Internet of Things technologies that can capture data from multiple systems in a way that helps optimise the use of real estate.

  • 1995 - The year that RedstoneConnect was founded

“This focus on smart software has aided our shift to annuity-based software income,” says Mark. “This has enabled RedstoneConnect to foster closer relationships with our customers over the longer term, as well as giving them greater commercial flexibility to engage with us. Our challenge is to continue to innovate and meet the demands of our customers.”