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Motion Picture Solutions

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Passing the screen test

Motion Picture Solutions has set itself the mission of helping to entertain audiences around the world by getting films onto the big screen. It’s a mission that’s as much about technology as it is about entertainment. The company works with major Hollywood studios such as Universal, Disney and Warner Bros, providing them with post-production and mastering services.

  • £10bn - Gross value added to the UK economy each year by the international film industry

“We create and deliver theatrical content, using technology built to be simple and secure,” says CEO Howard Kiedaisch. “Our electronic distribution platforms ensure that digital content arrives in time to be shown at cinemas on every continent.”

The growth of digital cinema has been a key part of the company’s success and the evolution of the internet continues to create fresh opportunities. “Film distribution and projection transitioned from the celluloid world a decade ago and we have specialised from the beginning in digital technology,” reflects Howard. “Latterly, the growth of the internet’s infrastructure and operating speeds has allowed us to host many services in the cloud, leading to considerable efficiencies.”

The global popularity of cinema continues to grow, but different audiences have different needs and tastes, and this offers Motion Picture Solutions another avenue of development. “We employ a diverse, multi-lingual workforce and this, coupled with our London location, means we are able to capitalise on studios’ international releases,” says Howard. “A lot of our work involves ‘re-versioning’ films for release in different territories.”

Where the audiences and technology take the business next remains to be seen, but the development of more on-demand services is one possibility. “Keeping up with millennials is the challenge our industry is facing as they are used to an on-demand paradigm where they can get what they want, when they want it,” notes Howard. “Fortunately, the digitisation of cinema brings with it the ability to screen a wider variety of programming, use more targeted marketing and deliver a faster response. This means that there are massive opportunities for the industry.”