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Monica Vinader

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A gem of an idea

Personalisation is one of the main characteristics of the Monica Vinader jewellery brand. Along with high-quality craftsmanship and an accessible price point, this focus on making jewellery personal has helped the retailer carve out its own niche.

“Big jewellery companies can design by numbers and I never wanted to do that,” says Founder and CEO Monica Vinader. “We create pieces that customers can make their own, whether through stacking and styling or personalising with our complimentary engraving service. Customers can engrave not only messages or special dates, but also a doodle or even their own handwriting for a truly personal finish."

“We create pieces that customers can make their own, through stacking and styling or personalising”

It was a retail offering that helped the firm flourish, despite its launch coinciding with the start of the 2008 recession. “Cash flow was tight and it was high risk, but we were disciplined,” recalls Monica. “To grow a company in a recession is a huge challenge and the fact we have seen healthy growth is an enormous accomplishment.”

The company has been building a network of boutiques, as well as its wholesale distribution and its online store. Since 2014, it has also set its sights on markets beyond the UK. Its first overseas move was a shop in Hong Kong and since then it has opened stores in a number of other key cities around the world. The retailer is maintaining a cautious approach as it expands, but it remains ambitious.

Monica says: “I think we have been quite diligent and careful, and have worked hard for our success. We are very responsible about the way we manage our cash flow, and financial constraints have stopped us opening more stores.

  • 2008 - The year in which Monica Vinader launched her eponymous firm

“We have big ambitions and are focusing on our global expansion, opening flagship boutiques in both New York and Singapore and looking at ways to build brand awareness in these new markets. My goal is to have a store in every fashion capital.”