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  • Sector: Manufacturing & Engineering
  • Region: West Midlands

Cutting the chord

Gtech designs and sells innovative cordless appliances for the home and garden, including vacuum cleaners, lawnmowers, hedge trimmers and electric bicycles.

The company expanded its product range in September last year with the launch of the Gtech AirRam Mk2, the latest version of its award-winning cordless vacuum cleaner, which was first brought to market in 2012. The popularity of that product has formed a significant part of the company’s success to date.

“Some of the best designers in the world are British and we are seen around the world as leaders in design”

Another aspect of the business that has proved highly successful is its focus on selling its appliances online. Since Gtech was set up in 2001, it has sold more than 22 million products in 19 countries. “We have marketed our products direct to consumers through our website rather than via traditional retailers,” says Nick Grey, Founder of Gtech. “This has helped us build a close relationship with our customers. We focus on three areas: we design products that perform very well, we aim to provide the best customer service in our industry and we carefully analyse and optimise our marketing.”

Gtech believes the future will be cordless and is confident that its approach should help it to win even more customers in the years ahead. “I think corded products will be phased out and we will see a stronger focus on performance and customer service,” predicts Nick. “The high level of consumer interaction should help stronger products and customer performance win out over other factors.”

The company plans to expand into five new markets in the coming years and also to double its workforce to around 300 staff.

Over the past 15 years, Gtech has become exactly the sort of UK success story that Nick thinks the nation should be making more of.

  • 22m - The amount of products sold – in 19 different countries – since the company was established in 2001

“The UK should focus on its design profession,” he urges. “Some of the best designers in the world are British and we are seen around the world as leaders in design.”