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Ensuring nothing goes to waste

All businesses can be planet savers. That’s the belief of First Mile, which has become one of London’s leading recycling companies by making it easy for firms to dispose of waste in a responsible way that meets growing regulatory requirements for sustainability.

“Our customers are free to leave if they don’t think we’re doing a good job”

“We automate the production of important compliance documents and also send every customer a monthly recycling report that supports businesses in achieving environmental accreditations,” explains Founder and CEO Bruce Bratley. “It’s a win-win situation for the environment and business owners.” Such is First Mile’s confidence in its services that it never asks clients to sign contracts. Bruce says: “Our customers are free to leave if they don’t think we’re doing a good job. This approach has reduced admin costs, increased customer retention and driven customer referrals.

“Best of all, we now have 15,000 happy customers. Happy customers refer us to their neighbours, who see it as an opportunity to save money and time, especially when economic conditions are tough – 70% of our new customers come via referrals.”

The company also sees an opportunity to enhance its offering through technology. “Artificial intelligence and robotics will transform recycling over the next five to ten years,” predicts Bruce. “With more information about the flow of materials and what goes into products and packaging, waste can be recognised and sorted by robots.”
He also expects to see driverless vehicles that allow a collection crew to collect recycling while the lorry self-drives on its route.

  • 70% - The proportion of First Mile’s new business that comes from customer referrals

First Mile is determined to keep pace with such developments. Bruce vows: “We will keep enhancing our technology so that our vision of being able to recycle everything becomes a reality.”