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Pipers Crisps

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Pipers Crisps cooks locally sourced potatoes and seasons them with flavours from passionate producers, all with the aim of producing “Britain’s tastiest crisps”. It’s an approach that’s paying off. The company has grown by more than 20% a year on average since its humble beginnings in 2004, when it hand-delivered 20 boxes of crisps to four pubs and a farm shop. Today its snacks are sold in around 12,000 outlets nationwide and in more than 30 countries around the world.

According to Co-Founder Alex Albone, the company’s success is down to its focus on core strengths and making “…crisps as they should taste”.

“We have done a number of things to grow our business,” explains Alex. “Firstly, we pride ourselves on our robust flavours. Secondly, we have invested heavily in our people to deliver ambitious sales targets and manufacturing expertise. This includes looking to recruit the best possible people and then investing heavily in their training. Thirdly, we have invested in new equipment to ensure that we stay ahead of future demand.”

Constantly changing demand means Pipers Crisps must always be ready to adapt. “We recently launched Wild Thyme & Rosemary flavour crisps, which were intended to be an accompaniment to the emerging trend in gin consumption,” says Alex.

The company is also ready to respond to any efforts to tackle obesity. “We are conscious that there will be changes in consumer behaviour over the next few years that will impact the snack industry and may provide opportunities for us,” says Alex. “The public and the government are aware of the threats of obesity and therefore there may be a challenge to adjust portion size and recipes in the future, which we respond to positively.”