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Charlie Bigham’s is taking advantage of the growing consumer demand for ready meals that offer value for money, rather than simply a low price. The range of handmade meals it produces, which include everyday dishes such as fish pie and lasagne and the more exotic Moroccan chicken tagine and red Thai curry, are all made with “uncompromisingly good, fresh ingredients”, the company says proudly.

Such is the popularity of these meals that they’re now sold by Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Tesco as well as other shops nationwide. “Over the last few years we’ve been able to sell our food in an increasing number of shops throughout the UK and demand keeps growing,” says Charlie.

“Even during tough economic times, the British consumer has always been prepared to invest in food that is of a high quality.”

“The British consumer has always been prepared to invest in food that is of a high quality”

The company, which was set up by Charlie Bigham himself in 1996, focuses on incremental improvements, by seeking to be a little bit better every day, every month and every year in everything it does. “We are obsessive about what our food tastes like,” says Charlie. “To deliver on this we need to be obsessive about who our suppliers are, how we make our food and ensure that we have an engaged, well-trained team of people to make it.”

That team is set to expand, with Charlie Bigham’s currently investing in a large new kitchen that will enable the company to potentially double the number of people it employs within the next five years.

  • 1996 - Charlie Bigham founded his eponymous company in this year

The expansion reflects a determination to keep moving forward as a business. Innovation, attention to detail and constant monitoring of trends are prerequisites for a sector as competitive as food and drink. Charlie Bigham’s expects the environment to become even more competitive in the years ahead and plans to stay focused on making year-on-year productivity gains. Charlie adds: “We also know that consumers will become more demanding from both a quality and value for money perspective.”