Company information

  • Website: www.zuto.com
  • Sector: ELITE
  • Region: North West England

Taking the pain out of car buying

Other than a house, buying a car is typically the biggest purchasing decision a person will make. It’s a decision that can prove daunting, especially given the complexities of the car market, but it’s one that Zuto aims to make hassle-free.

The Macclesfield-based company is a credit broker (rather than a lender) that matches car buyers with lenders. It also handles the paperwork and pays the dealer, allowing the new owner to simply collect their new car and drive away.

“Our vision is to provide an experience that is so compelling, no one would choose to buy a car any other way”

“Our vision is to provide an experience that is so compelling, no one would choose to buy a car any other way,” says CEO James Wilkinson. “We provide an end-to-end solution, bringing transparency and trust to every stage of the car-buying journey.”

Zuto, which was founded in 2006, today has more than 300 employees and announced plans last year to recruit another 70 people to help it meet its growth objectives. “The size of the existing market has presented an enormous opportunity for scale within the UK,” says James. “We are using our tech capabilities to capitalise on this, alongside a controlled increase in headcount.”

The company is also eyeing expansion into some markets overseas. “The coming years will see us continuing to focus on our customers, significantly increase our market share within the UK and deliver a product that we are confident to launch in new international territories,” says James.

  • 300+ - The number of staff at Zuto, with a further 70 soon to be recruited

As Zuto expands, the business is increasingly looking for ways to use new digital technologies to improve its service. “The UK finance sector has seen increasing levels of innovation in recent years, with progressive technology used to digitalise customer experiences,” notes James. “We focus significant resources on pioneering these developments in tech, in order to achieve growth and market scale. We are continually testing the commercial viability of new features.”