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Reaching for the stars

The UK advertising industry has many independent agencies, but most of them focus on creative and production rather than media planning and buying. Focusing on the latter activities has given the7stars something of a competitive edge. The company is now the UK’s largest independent media planning and buying agency and works with clients such as Suzuki, Iceland and Gumtree.

“We think our independence benefits the advertisers that work with us because we are free from corporate structures and processes, which enables us to have greater flexibility and speed,” says the7stars Co-founder Jenny Biggam. “As a company, it is liberating to not have external shareholders. If someone has a good idea then we can act on it immediately.”

“We need a combination of analytical skills and creative flair”

Being agile certainly helps in such a fast-moving industry. Advances in digital media and technology means there’s a huge amount of data for agencies to analyse these days. And although analysing this data made life more complex for these businesses, it has also created opportunities.

“When we launched the business in 2005 there was no Facebook advertising, no Twitter and YouTube was in its infancy,” recalls Jenny. “Today these channels are the bedrock of many of our campaigns. Our job is to understand how these channels complement existing ones such as press, television and outdoor, so we need a combination of analytical skills and creative flair.”

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Underpinning these qualities is a disciplined approach to business that has seen the7stars withstand economic difficulties on its way to becoming a leading media agency.

Looking ahead, the company is determined to retain its independence. Indeed, it recently launched a sister agency, The Bountiful Cow, so it can continue to expand without losing its entrepreneurial spirit.