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A model of misbehaviour

In one sense, Creature of London is a young advertising agency, but it could just as easily be described as a creative company. It makes campaigns for consumer brands like Tetley and Anchor, and its diverse client list includes Gatwick Airport, The Green Party and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA). But beyond that, the agency has also produced Olivier-nominated immersive theatre, award-winning fashion films and music videos.

“We’re big believers in the power of intelligent misbehaviour to drive cultural impact for our clients, our collaborators and ourselves,” says Creature of London Co-founder and Managing Partner Dan Shute. “We love being an advertising agency, but being a creative company is a lot more fun.”

Behind this joyous attitude lies a shrewd approach to business. In tough economic times, clients tend to cut back on their spending and advertising is one obvious area where that can happen. This can present ad agencies with lots of problems, but Creature of London says it has been able to make the most of the situation.

“‘Nimble’, ‘flexible’ and ‘reactive’ have been industry watchwords for a decade now, but people are starting to demand that companies live by them” - Dan Shute, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Creature of London

“As odd as it may sound, pressure on client budgets has been incredibly positive for us,” explains Dan. “We’re designed to offer a more cost-effective, better-value set-up and service, and clients only pay for what they’re using. Taking a risk with a young agency can make a lot more sense rather than sticking with the tried-and-tested establishment.”

Creature of London’s success offers proof that small, adaptable ad agencies with good ideas can still thrive and, in some ways, are in a better position than the industry behemoths.

  • 100 - How many staff the firm sees as the ceiling for its workforce if it is to retain its unique culture

“‘Nimble’, ‘flexible’ and ‘reactive’ have been industry watchwords for a decade now, but people are starting to demand that companies actually live by them and the old model just can’t deliver that,” says Dan. “As an industry, we’ve never had more ways to make amazing stuff and it’s the smaller, more nimble agencies that are best placed to do that.”