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WIT Software is a quintessentially global company. The developer of software products and solutions for mobile telecom operators is present in more than 42 countries worldwide and is a key sector player in markets from Europe to the Asia-Pacific region, via India. The importance of its international operations is made clear by the figures: 90% of its revenue stream comes from overseas markets.

“In the past we mainly focused on the European market, but several years ago we began to ‘follow the growth’,” says Luís Moura e Silva, CEO of WIT Software. After diligent research, the company understood that the healthiest markets for telecoms were in Asia, specifically India, so it began to look east, all the while maintaining its obsession with the quality of its software and increasing investment in research and design.

“To be able to compete with any company, we need good talent”

The company’s products are sophisticated, and Luís admits that it has been difficult finding employees with the depth of skill needed to take on the responsibility of continuing the company’s record of innovation.

“Our main obstacle has been hiring people,” he says. “The workforce of software engineers in the European market is not enough for the demand in the industry. To be able to compete head-to-head with any company, including those in Silicon Valley, we need good talent. And finding people with good talent has been a problem.”

But the company has powered on regardless, consistently recording double-digit growth in recent years. And, says Luís, its goal is to keep on growing, meaning that it will likely expand its workforce to match new demands. Industry ‘valleys’ should be invested in and developed close to top-flight universities, he says.

  • 42 - Number of countries worldwide in which WIT Software operates

WIT Software’s progress in recent years has been remarkable, and Luís advises companies that want to follow suit to take a leaf out of its book. “Think global and create a sustainable business that will be able to survive different phases and whatever changes are certainly likely to come.”