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Logic dictates

Austrian company LOGICDATA has a bold prediction: in five years’ time, it will have revolutionised the way we look at an office workplace. “The workplace of the future puts human ergonomics and preferences in the spotlight,” says CEO Johannes Gradwohl. “LOGICDATA is intensely and actively working on perfecting and optimising a human-centred workplace.”

The company develops mechatronic system solutions for adjustable home and office furniture. So important is its ability to continuously innovate and bring new products to the market that half of its staff are devoted solely to research and development.

“LOGICDATA has always succeeded by surprising the market with unexpected, improved products that take a huge step forward from their competition,” says Johannes. It uses trade fairs across Europe to launch its latest products – for example, adjustable bed technology, or customised hand controls – and has been expanding its revenue and workforce by around 20% a year on average in recent years.

"Water and greenery can make for a more pleasant working environment"

“It is and always has been an amazing experience to see ideas come to life within the company and help to give them room to grow,” says Johannes. “I think that our way of working – being and keeping our ‘Minds in Motion’ – makes us who we are and, as a result, makes us so successful.”

The drive to revolutionise the workplace is only likely to accelerate as new technologies emerge and LOGICDATA knows its proven skill in innovation will continually be tested.

  • 20% - Average annual expansion of LOGICDATA’s workforce in recent years

“Challenges will arise and need to be overcome, and this is where we will be working strongly: to create the unexpected,” Johannes says. “The opportunities in this field are vast. More and more people work in offices, and the way we do this now has to change.”