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The habits of music listeners have changed hugely over the past decade. Where before it was a case of plugging into compact units – stereos with attached speakers, reliant on tapes, CDs and records – the modern listener is far more mobile. A quick press of a button can send a tune from your smartphone through the air to speakers situated on the far side of the house, without you having to budge an inch. What’s more, music can now be streamed so a trip to the record shop is no longer required. In short, options have expanded dramatically.

Audio Pro, which has been producing high-end audio equipment from its home country of Sweden since 1978, cottoned onto this trend early on. “Our company’s success is largely down to our understanding of new listening behaviours, particularly with streaming, and our production of quality loudspeakers that are easy to use,” explains Stefan Pantzar, CEO of Audio Pro.

"Streaming music is now commonplace, and AudioPro was ahead of the game"

Moreover, the speakers they make are of the finest design: simple, cool and fit for any discerning aficionado.

The company has led the market in Sweden by sticking to a few simple rules, says Stefan. “By doing what we know – making great-sounding products. Too many brands just make poor speakers. Good sound is vital for people to get moved by their music.”

Stefan notes that the shift from traditional audio to wireless streaming was perhaps the biggest obstacle the company faced. But the fast-growing market of streaming was also an opportunity, and ensuring their products could accommodate all the major streaming services has been key to its success.

  • 1978 - Year in which Audio Pro was founded in Sweden

Now streaming is commonplace, and Audio Pro’s experience means it can focus on further honing the products that have resulted from it. “As always, new technology sets the standards, and you have to know which technology to choose,” says Stefan, advising other companies to follow suit. “Be passionate about your product. It will shine through.”