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Fuelling the future

Founded in 2011, Solumus is situated near the Polish city of Plock, where it provides advanced business solutions in the areas of liquid fuels, biofuel and LPG to the Polish and European fuel markets.

Company CEO Jakub Lubiński attributes the firm’s success to several different factors. “The success of the company is not down to just one person,” he says. “It is the knowledge, experience and professionalism of the employees and the board, and their ability to provide flexibility in customer service and adjustment to legal conditions.”

Despite being just six years old, Solumus has taken a “solid position among the fuel giants” and is now considered a trustworthy business partner, explains Jakub. What’s more, the implementation of restrictive legal acts in Poland, “an extremely complex process”, gave the firm the opportunity to “dynamically operate in the market, stay flexible and have an advantage over competitors”.

“Believe in your innate talent and make sure you work with suitable people”

As for the future, there are plans for a listing, to grow its share of the domestic market and find new investors. “We are ready for cooperation with a strategic business partner who will not only be an adequate funding source, but will also be visionary and help us develop the company,” says Jakub.

“We are focusing mainly on boosting the market share in the petroleum products that are present in Poland.”

New products and services include the possibility of selling heating gas to small and medium-sized customers. “We see potential in supplying electricity and gas, and obviously we concentrate on innovation in this area,” adds Jakub.

  • 2001 - Year in which Solumus, initially known as Tesla, was founded

The secret to success for Solumus? “Believe in your innate talent and make sure you work with suitable people,” says Jakub. “As Sir Richard Branson said, ‘Being unafraid of failure is, I believe, one of the most important qualities of a champion’.”