AirX Charter Ltd

AirX Charter Ltd

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The sky’s no limit

Acquired by John Matthews in 2010, AirX Charter Ltd provides private passenger aviation services to companies, governments, royal families, sports teams, celebrities, high-net-worth individuals and other organisations. Its remarkable fleet of 17 aircraft ranges in size from eight- to 100-passenger capacity and includes the Airbus A340, which has been fitted with 100 lie-flat, first-class seats – making it the world’s largest private charter aircraft.

John believes the success of his product is due to the diverse fleet and the solid client experience delivered. “AirX has always focused on operating an airline of very high standards in terms of customer service, combined with a strong infrastructure and strong safety culture,” says the executive chairman.

“AirX has focused on operating an airline of very high standards in terms of customer service”

Behind these world-class standards are members of the core management team, whose “...determination, industry knowledge and ingenuity” lie at the very heart of the company’s success. “This team has taken AirX from eight to 280 employees,” adds John.

There have been challenges along the way too, however. The last decade has been particularly difficult for the private aviation industry, making it harder for AirX to acquire the finance needed to grow.

“The biggest challenge AirX has faced has been the fact that, as a small but growing operator focused on acquiring used aircraft, few finance providers have been able to work with us,” explains John. “In the end, we went as far afield as North America to find a suitable finance provider.”

  • 8,280 - Number of employees

Now the focus remains very much on maintaining growth. In the next five years AirX plans to grow its fleet further, by investing in both private jets and airliners, while expanding into new markets including transatlantic and US-based cargo and specialty operations. “Our workforce will, at the very minimum, triple over this period,” says John.