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Keeping up appearances

Based in the stunning capital city of Vilnius, Staticus is one of the largest façade contractors in Northern Europe.

The pioneering Lithuanian company specialises in producing environmentally friendly and sustainable products, such as unitised façade systems design, and the production and installation of tailored aluminium-glass façade constructions.

“Our main product in recent years is unitised façade systems,” explains Jolanta Čiasaitė, marketing manager for Staticus. “The main feature of such a system is that the façade elements and fillings are prefabricated in the factory and afterwards simply installed to the building structure on site.”

Thanks to this process, almost no job is too big or too small for the firm. “The dimensions of the elements are limited only by the transportation capacity,” explains Jolanta.

This innovative and flexible approach, which involves partnering with the client on special-order designs, is central to the firm’s success.

“Partnership and innovations are the main forces to grow the success in the façades business,” she says. “Our USP is the ability to create and implement non-standard designs, or invent completely new technical and architectural solutions.”

  • 2x - Amount by which Staticus’s annual turnover increased from 2009–2014

Staticus is now looking to strengthen its position in Norway, Sweden and the UK, and to break into more markets. To support this expansion, the company is investing in the reconstruction of part of its industrial premises.

“Investment is a vital development stage for the company to pursue higher productivity and greater production capacities,” explains Jolanta. “Investments will address the digitalisation of processes and these changes will ensure productivity growth and will allow successful competition in key markets.”