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SET Environnement has been disposing of the most toxic of chemicals and asbestos for more than two dec-ades, servicing a vast array of clients, from shopping centres to administration offices. Given the notoriety of the health problems stemming from asbestos, the French company has been able to corner an area of the market for waste disposal in which there is both high demand and a need to cultivate close relations with the range of people involved.

“Security is a top priority,” says Yann Volluz, CFO of SET Environnement. “We enhance our processes on a regular basis and work closely with labour inspectorates to ensure we have the latest and best practices.”

“The key factor in our success is our dedicated staff. Day to day we develop our know-how”

The speed of the company’s growth is evident in the figures: an employee base of 150 people and annual revenue that exceeds €20m. “The key factor in our success is our dedicated staff,” notes Yann. “Day to day, based on a strong training programme and great quality of guidance, we develop our know-how.”

During the cycle of asbestos removal, the company monitors its profitability by a close follow-up of its margin. Yann says that cash generation and growth are direct consequences of customer satisfaction, which the company – being involved in an effort to make the immediate environment safer for customers – prioritises above all else.

“As our business runs in a smooth way, we can focus on high value subjects, such as process enhancement and extension of our customer’s portfolio,” Yann says. “On each site, we aim at having the best approach to satisfy our customers and control our costs. Deadlines and forecasted margins are respected.”

It is this two-pronged approach to its task that has ensured SET Environnement has remained a key player in the waste disposal market in France, and looks set to be for some time to come. “As a result of all this, the quality of our work has enabled us to maintain our revenue and margin in a competitive market,” Yann says.