Company data as a research tool

Company data as a research tool

Research partner foreword by Mark Schwerzel, Deputy CEO of Bureau van Dijk

At Bureau van Dijk we’re proud to be the source of the company information in this report. We offer renowned coverage and ease of analysis through our range of databases and solutions. Orbis, our flagship global database, covers 220 million private companies from around the world.

Our products are used in a variety of sectors for a range of functions, such as credit risk assessment, anti-corruption, anti-money laundering and third-party due diligence. The products also cover tax research, business development and M&A.

We provide a wealth of detailed information like financial strength metrics and projected financials, as well as scores on companies with limited financials.

We source this information from 160 providers around the globe and we add value to our data in a number of ways, such as standardisation, linking data sources and our interface.

We strive to make our information easily comparable and searchable between companies and across borders. To ensure this is the case, we created a specific standardised account format that reflects and incorporates the wide variety of accounting procedures, while also delivering well-populated reports. This allows for faster, simpler cross-border searching and comparison.

We also cross-reference industry codes, provide company names in a number of languages and alphabets and weight financial strength indicators for local variations in order to apply consistency to our non-financial fields.

Combining and linking company data with other information gives our customers an effective research tool and, through data linking, we combine information on people, ownership structures, financial strength and entity data. This reveals important relationships that enhance your knowledge of the companies, industries and sectors in which searchers are interested.

Lastly, our state-of-the-art interface helps you to create and execute complex searches and analyses quickly and easily. The interface offers a number of visualisation tools to help deliver a clearer understanding of the topic you might be researching.

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