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Headquartered in the Danish seaport town of Kolding, Vega Salmon is a high-end salmon processor committed to delivering fine seafood from Nordic waters to the rest of the world.

“We are on a mission to deliver tasty and natural seafood,” explains Michael Budtz Berthelsen, CEO, Vega Salmon. “We see ourselves as a partner for business, people and the planet. Throughout the value chain we conduct a zero-tolerance policy in terms of quality, food safety and sustainability. 

“We collaborate with our suppliers, the farms and the harvest stations to improve standards and get closer to nature – day by day. Our products are sold under private-label brands and our own Vega brands, and in all our partnerships we strive to be a genuine partner for profit.”

This policy drives everything Vega Salmon does and is key to the firm’s success. “Our constant focus is on quality and flexibility. We only buy raw salmon from approved suppliers, mainly in Norway,” says Michael.

“We are on a mission to deliver tasty and natural seafood”

Vega Salmon now processes more than 40,000 tonnes of raw material every year at its 12,000m2 plant in Handewitt, Germany. The factory is one of the most technologically advanced facilities of its kind and is incredibly efficient.

“The new factory is designed for the highest level of hygiene,” adds Jacob Tidemand, QA Senior Vice-President. “The production is physically separated in three hygiene zones with sluices, control of staff, colour coded working clothes and more.”

Ensuring hygiene, efficiency and sustainability is paramount for everyone at Vega Salmon, as Lone Hollensen, the firm’s marketing manager, explains: “In the last couple of years consumers have become more focused on environment and sustainability. This new trend has been an opportunity for Vega Salmon, which already meets top-level certifications and specification that includes IFS, MSC, ASC, OU Kosher, among others.”

  • 40,000 tonnes of raw material processed every year at Vega Salmon’s factory in Handewitt, Germany