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The quest for quality

Ever since its humble beginnings selling pizza from the back of a small van in Northern Ireland, Finnebrogue Artisan has championed high-quality, sustainably sourced food products. Now, with more than 300 employees, the company has become something of a torchbearer for the food industry, crafting artisan produce that prioritises animal welfare, proper stewardship of the land and employee satisfaction.

"We always look at what is wrong in the world of food and figure out how we can make it the best it can be without being bound by the way it has always been done," says Denis Lynn, chairman of the company.

Aside from the sourcing of the meat, he notes, the company has developed a unique method of locking in the succulence and flavour, creating produce that has become a runaway success. In just over four years, Finnebrogue Artisan has watched its business grow from £12 million to £50 million.

As well as a solid business model that sees the company working with retail customers on own label products, Finnebrogue Artisan is set on ensuring that whatever it produces is as inclusive as possible, by removing allergens where it can.

"Our business values have always led our strategy of making sure we innovate; that we always have the best-quality product in the markets we play in, and that we never lose sight of our consumer and their demands," Denis says.

The plan for the coming three-to-five years is to continue the strong growth of the past four years and diversify further into different food categories.

It's the drive to continually expand and innovate, while remaining true to its core principles, that looks likely to ensure Finnebrogue Artisan remains the industry leader it has already come to be.

  • £50 million - Current size of the business, up from £12m just four years ago