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Salad days

Founded by Theodoros Zavos and his cousin Panikos Papaloizou in 1990, Alion grows, processes, packs and supplies fresh herbs, salads and leafy vegetables to no fewer than 25 countries around the world.

“We strive for excellence by listening to our customers, sharing views with our staff and learning from our mistakes,” explains the company’s CEO Theodoros Zavos.

“We follow the developments within our industry closely, and establish in our practices whatever we can to offer extra value to the services and products we provide to our esteemed customers in Cyprus, and the 25 countries to which we export.”

“We constantly invest in the innovation of new products, new packaging, in our people and in machinery”

It’s this dedication – combined with “endless passion, hard work and love for what we are doing” – that Theodoros believes is the key to Alion’s success. That, and the firm’s commitment to innovation. In 2008, Alion opened a state-of-the-art 4000m² packing facility in the village of Pera Chorio, Nisou.

“We constantly invest in the innovation of new products, new packaging, in our people and in machinery,” adds Theodoros.

One such example is the company’s range of ready-made salads – an innovative solution developed as a response to the economic downturn, which saw increased competition as more people moved into farming and exporting. “We moved our trade to the high-value product solutions through processing in order to achieve competitiveness,” explains Theodoros. “We created a strong local market by providing ready-made salad in an innovative way that has been an ongoing great success.”

Now the plan is to keep building on that success, and keep building on its reputation as a reliable, family-run and pioneering enterprise.

Theodoros hopes to see Alion remain a “high-quality produce company that is both environmentally friendly and one of the best companies to work for”.

  • 4000m2 - Size of Alion’s state-of-the-art packing facility in Pera Chorio, Nisou