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Over the past decade, increasing numbers of traditional businesses have undergone a digital transformation and part of this revolution has been the shift to cloud-based technology. Teldat Group cottoned on to this shift before many of its rivals, drawing on cloud technology to better facilitate the use of Enterprise Communication Networks, which connect computers and other devices across company departments.

“Early on, we were able to understand how the internet and cloud-based applications would reshape the need for networking,” says Ignacio Villaseca, CEO of Teldat Group.

The approach that Teldat Group offers is fine-tuned for this transformation. It enables the migration from traditional networking to Software Defined Schemes, whereby network administrators can manage network behaviour via open interfaces. “There are very few approaches in the market that offer this ease of deployment, whereby solutions are affordable and there is minimum disruption,” Ignacio says.

The company is already well established in five European countries, with Germany and Spain as its strongest markets and Latin America the next target for expansion.

The broad switch from the use of computer hardware to software has been among the most significant technological changes of recent years. This paradigm shift has pushed businesses to recalibrate their operations, and it’s here that Ignacio sees both the greatest challenges and the greatest opportunities.

“It brings to the industry a myriad of start-ups with different innovative angles,” he says, adding that the approach will need to be a gradual one. “We believe that for agile enough players of the previous generation there is an opportunity to help turn the promises that this new paradigm brings into reality.”