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KLB Group helps clients to have their projects smartly implemented. “For any project, we guarantee full implementation by bringing an ideal mix of advisory, management and execution. So that’s advisory to do the right things, management to do them well and execution to do them completely,” explains Flavien Kulawik, CEO.

Co-founded in 1995 by Flavien and fellow French entrepreneur Jean-Marc Le Breton, the company has grown into a global specialist of project implementation, serving both private and public sectors. KLB Group now has 700 ‘Smart Implementers’ from 31 nationalities in 14 offices, with a presence in 42 coun-tries around the world.

KLB Group is able to very quickly mobilise teams with tailored expertise and execution intelligence around the world. That is how it stops clients from “running up against ceilings of inefficiency” and helps them se-cure 100% of the project’s expected value instead, believes Flavien.

Companies are focusing on their core business and are increasingly calling for rapidly adjustable external expertise to assist them in their improvement projects and in the production of their operations. They must remain agile in an increasingly complex and volatile world.

“The lesson learnt from our clients highlighted the necessity of being smart by linking strategy to manage-ment and full execution. That is what Smart Implementation is about: S=Strong, M=Minded, A=Action, R=Relationship, T=Thinking,” explains Flavien.

  • 700 - Number of ‘Smart Implementers’ employed by KLB Group

In a 2016 survey, KLB Group scored 98% in client satisfaction and the aim is to keep serving clients via a worldwide organisation and a smart innovation process. Smart implementation is deeply rooted in KLB Group’s DNA and market expectation.