ELITE Programme

ELITE is a programme aiming to help ambitious companies to better structure for further growth and investment. ELITE offers a unique platform to facilitate long-term structured engagement between private high growth businesses, industry experts and the corporate advisory and investor communities, helping these businesses prepare and structure for further growth and for external investment.

ELITE delivers structured modules and bespoke content to stimulate:

  • organisational review and change; 
  • plan for change with the support of the advisory network; 
  • and capitalise on the benefits of such change to access new business opportunities and in particular funding options.

ELITE provides tailored programme streams for UK, Italian and International business populations, as well as separate licensing agreements in Morocco and Saudi Arabia.

Since its launch in 2012, the programme has supported over 600 ambitious companies from 25 countries in the world.

For more details on ELITE, please visit www.elite-group.com.

ELITE Fast Facts

  • 2012 – the year ELITE was launched
  • 601 companies part of the ELITE community 
  • 250 partners and investors part of the ELITE community
  • 25 countries represented by companies