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An independent global creative agency, AnalogFolk helps clients navigate the digital world.

Founder and CEO Bill Brock explains the theory underpinning the agency: “Digital technology is the most disruptive force we’ve ever seen, and it manifests itself in good and bad ways. Our job is to work with clients to help them use technology for good – both in their business and in wider society.” The company has worked with some of the world’s most famous brands, including Unilever, Nike, Nando’s, Diageo and PepsiCo, by helping them capitalise on a new wave of innovation and reach.

Recent trends have suggested a shift in the market around bringing creative capabilities in-house rather than outsourcing to external agencies, but AnalogFolk has maintained its dominance by fostering mutually fruitful long-term relationships with clients. “For agencies that aren’t strategic and lack strong partnerships, this shift poses a problem,” says Bill. “However, for AnalogFolk, it’s an opportunity. We’re very strategic and have strong relationships with our clients, and our mission of using digital to make the analog world better will continue to be invaluable.”

With offices around the world, including in London, Sydney, New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai, the company’s global reach and experience guarantee a diverse and current approach to content. Diverse by its multinational nature, the company is also a strong advocate for diversity in the workplace. AnalogFolk has a 51:49 gender ratio, in favour of female employees, and nearly a fifth of employees are from BAME backgrounds. Clearly, the pioneering attitude of the company isn’t just limited to technological innovation.