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Into the deep

XMOS describes itself as a “deep tech company at the leading edge of the artificial intelligence of things (AIoT)”, according to its CEO, Mark Lippett. It develops processors that put intelligence, connectivity and enhanced computation at the heart of smart products – essentially providing the brains for smart devices in the home, healthcare, manufacturing, cars and more. 

It is also a company of many firsts. XMOS was the first to announce a far-field voice interface for under $1, which helps smart device manufacturers make voice control more natural, and it was the first to win Amazon Alexa Voice Service qualification for its far-field linear development kit, which helps device manufacturers to embed voice capabilities. The company was also the principal company to launch a fast, flexible and economical crossover processor for the AIoT, which enables connected device manufacturers to embed AI. 

Established in 2005 as a spin-out from the University of Bristol, the company now has significant intellectual property, with over 120 global hardware and algorithm patents. In addition, XMOS’s Chief Scientist is Grammy-award-winning mathematician Kevin Short. So far in 2020, XMOS has developed and launched a new disruptive crossover processor for the AIoT market called xcore.ai. “Fast, flexible and economical, xcore.ai puts intelligence at the core of smart products, opening up a potential $3trn AIoT market,” says Mark. 

He has three pieces of advice for entrepreneurs starting in their field. “First, understand your customer and the challenges they face to ensure you are offering the most valuable solutions. Second, know your unique selling point and be bold in your position in a competitive market. And finally, don’t be afraid to fail, as every failure is a learning step to success.”