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Swimming upstream

Salmon is one of Scotland’s biggest success stories, and Loch Duart is part of this triumph. Established in 1999, the company has since been rearing the fish in the communities of Sutherland and the Hebrides. An independent business, it employs around 100 people, with some 75 of those employees working all day at sea.

While the salmon is reared in Scotland, it is enjoyed around the world. Loch Duart sells to the foodservice industry in more than 15 countries. One of the reasons for its success is its sensitive approach to raising fish, which in turn produces the highest-quality salmon with the lowest possible environmental impact. The process is also reflected in the flavour and enhances the levels of Omega-3 in the fish. “Our mission is to produce salmon that tastes as salmon really should taste,” says Andy Bing, Sales Director and co-founder of Loch Duart.

Loch Duart uses small-scale farming methods that optimise husbandry, and invests heavily in the best, most nutritious feed. The company doesn’t use an off-the-shelf formulation, it has a bespoke feed, which is high in marine content to mimic the diet of a wild salmon. The focus is on using fishmeal from Icelandic waters, which is carefully monitored, and only sustainable catch from quota-driven fisheries is selected. “We’re the only salmon farmers in the world using this high-quality diet,” says Andy.

The business went through a culture shift in 2015, replacing its existing ‘command and control’ management structure with an inclusive and engaging culture. One of its new policies is the profit-sharing bonus that is attainable for every member of staff and has a value of up to 25% of annual salary. The company now has silver accreditation in the Investors in People assessment scheme.

The impact of COVID-19 on the sector has been significant, with foodservice demand down. Loch Duart has reacted to this by buying its own processing plant and opening new sales channels to the discerning consumer.