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Aspinal of London

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A quintessentially English lifestyle brand, Aspinal is a byword for quality, with every product designed to last a lifetime. The brand specialises in luxury, handcrafted leather gifts, handbags and travel accessories in a range that sees 50 new designs released each year in hundreds of different colours.

As a service-driven brand, Aspinal’s company values, staff training and personal brand experience all work together to gives its customers a premium offering. How does this work in practice? “Aspinal’s highly-skilled sales teams welcome customers into stores like they are entering their homes, offering refreshments and somewhere to relax while they are being looked after,” says Iain Burton, Chairman and founder of Aspinal of London. “Creating a personal and emotional connection in this way has resulted in a loyal customer base.”

Aspinal saw success in the key trading months of December (2019) and January (2020), with 15% and 20% like-for-like uplifts in in-store revenue respectively. Since launching in 2001, the brand has grown its bricks and mortar retail footprint to 10 standalone stores across the UK, concessions in Selfridges and Harrods, and four international standalone stores in the Middle East and China.

Reflecting the global shift towards environmentally friendly practices, Aspinal transports 95% of its products by road or sea, avoiding air freight wherever possible. In other efforts to be sustainable, the leathers used across its collections are by-products from other industries that would otherwise go to waste. Aspinal also aims to have a plastic-free supply chain within the next two years.

During the COVID-19 crisis, Aspinal of London launched #AspinalHeroes, an interactive social initiative to show appreciation to those at the forefront of the pandemic doing incredible and selfless work. Aspinal asked the nation to nominate their #AspinalHeroes and, over four weeks, it rewarded more than 400 people with a personalised gift from the brand to say thank you for their actions.