TRB Lightweight Structures

TRB Lightweight Structures

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Moving with vision

Most people in the UK have touched or used a product built by TRB Lightweight Structures, winner of the Hunts Post Huntingdonshire Business Growth & Business of the Year 2019. They probably just don’t know it.

TRB Lightweight Structures designs, engineers and builds high-performance, lightweight structures to support clean transport solutions in the rail, automotive and commercial haulage industries. The company has used its decades of experience to develop new manufacturing processes to support customers moving towards green energy, in particular those transitioning towards new methods of energy storage, such as batteries or high-pressure tanks.

These new processes enable high-volume production of structural composite parts, which are lower weight and higher performance than traditional materials such as steel or aluminium, subsequently improving quality and reducing cost.

“The process is fully automated and uses new technology to go from fibre to finished part in 15 minutes, while the traditional method takes four hours or more,” explains Richard Holland, Managing Director of TRB Lightweight Structures. “This lets us help our rail customers reduce cost and improve reliability, and aids our automotive customers as they make the shift to electric vehicles.”

For TRB, an equally important part of innovating for the future is investing in its team, which comprises 131 employees across three offices: two in the UK and another in the US. “We look for motivated people and support them in their growth,” explains Richard. “We are financially supporting several production operators to go to college to earn their engineering degrees, we promote from within wherever possible and we have hired people right out of school who are smart and motivated and looking to apprenticeship schemes.”