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Getting to Gripple with it

With a name deriving from the product’s ‘grip’ and ‘pull’ technology, Gripple is a producer of wire joiner and tensioners, and wire rope suspension systems. Alongside agriculture, the business operates in the construction and civil engineering industries. “All Gripple solutions are proudly manufactured in Sheffield and are characterised by patented problem-solving innovation that delivers significant time, labour and carbon dioxide savings,” says Ed Stubbs, Managing Director at Gripple.

Gripple is a 100% employee-owned business, meaning all of its 800 people around the world own shares in the company and are united by the ‘Gripple Spirit’, which describes “the collective values of honesty, passion, a desire to have fun at work and an enthusiasm to challenge convention”, Ed explains.

New product development has always been at the core of Gripple’s achievements, but recent economic conditions have emphasised how crucial this strategy has been in keeping the business growing and moving forward. “Thanks to significant investment in automated machinery, just-in-time manufacturing and an agile approach to business, Gripple began to manufacture Perspex protective screen kits and protective visors (issued free to key workers) to further supplement sales as we operated throughout lockdown,” he says.

The UK is seeing an ever-increasing emphasis on traceability and sustainability, and the company is evolving with this. “Gripple products provide a lighter, greener and safer alternative to traditional materials, with contractors making an average saving of 97% in embodied carbon when using Gripple for suspending building services,” Ed says.

Its people are at the heart of its success and sustainability, and this was recently demonstrated by the business’s £1m investment in a dedicated training centre and social space in Sheffield, which provides employees with a wide-reaching syllabus of funded training and NVQ courses at all levels.