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In business terms, Rayburn Tours organises tailor-made group tours to destinations around the world, with a particular focus on educational and youth trips. But to its clients, the company creates life-changing and confidence-building experiences.

Jamie Boyden, Joint Managing Director, Rayburn Tours explains: “Building every itinerary from scratch, we inspire our groups to seek new adventures, embrace new cultures and learn new skills. There’s no substitute for those real-life experiences.”

Established in 1965, Rayburn Tours specialises in educational trips, ski trips and sports tours for schools, as well as music tours for youth and adult groups. “School travel is our biggest market and our strategy for the last 10 years has been to expand into all major sectors within the school travel industry. We have a robust rolling three-year plan, which we’re constantly monitoring ourselves against,” says Jamie.

The long-term strategy provides a solid foundation for the company’s recruitment and training. “Our long-term plan enables us to forecast growth areas and therefore recruit new people before they’re actually required – ensuring that they’re trained and in place for when they’re needed,” he says.

Rayburn Tours also has a proactive approach to productivity, investing heavily in technology to free up staff to focus on servicing customers. “Your customers are the people who keep the business going,” concludes Jamie.