While the Leisure sector has seen business disruption due to COVID-19, resilient consumers are keen to spend their valuable free time wisely. In 2019, the UK’s Arts, Entertainment and Recreation sector was estimated to be worth over £38.9bn, as consumers’ passion for leisure activities continues.

Sector at a glance

    • 69% - The growth in the demand for wellness experiences

    • 60.45 million - The number of ‘staycations’ taken in Great Britain in 2019
    • 2,500 - The estimated number of museums in the UK

    Making memories

    In 2019, the UK’s Leisure sector as a whole was valued at £111bn, with consumers continuing to see the value in spending on experiences and making memories.

    Each year the average family spends approximately £190 on trips to theme parks, £180 on activities such as bowling, mini golf and visiting arcades, £170 on trips to the zoo and £170 on trips to the cinema. On a weekly basis, the average household spends more than £79 on recreation and culture, the largest proportion of which contributes towards package holidays.

    The types of exercise and holiday travel the UK is spending money on is also changing. An increase in boutique exercise classes has seen a rise in fitness spending, reaching over £22bn (compared with £17bn in 2010), while individuals are spending more on holidays that specifically include some sort of class or workshop.