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Nurture Landscapes

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Nurturing the environment

A horticultural landscaping business, Nurture Landscapes uses sustainably sourced materials in its daily operations, from grounds maintenance to winter gritting. Its recycling rate is 95% for general waste, while green waste is recycled and used as a soil improver. The company also invests in alternative technology to reduce its carbon footprint and has updated its fleet with hybrid vehicles, as well as increasing use of electric handheld machinery to lower emissions.

Customer loyalty is one of the key drivers of success for Nurture Landscapes – 90% of its business comes from existing clients. Also, its top 100 clients have been in the company’s portfolio for three years or more, accounting for 67% of its total sales.

Nurture Landscapes has grown through a combination of organic growth and strategic acquisitions of family-owned companies across the country. “We are a family business and have stuck to our founding principles,” explains Peter Fane, Managing Director of Nurture Landscapes. “Acquiring similarly run businesses allows us to widen our geographical footprint while keeping the feel of the business we started with and adding talented individuals to our team. We are a local business with the resources of a national company.”

In February 2018, the company made its largest acquisition, bringing Royal Warrant holder Gavin Jones into the fold. “The purchase of Gavin Jones was a poignant moment for Nurture, doubling our staff and our turnover,” Peter says. The company also invests in its staff at all levels, and Peter reveals the business spends around £200,000 on training its employees each year. It also offers horticultural apprenticeships with the aim of retaining the staff on completion of their training, and currently supports 50 apprentices. The company is also looking to create a Nurture Academy, an initiative that will identify the ‘rising stars’ within the business in order to fast-track their careers.