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Any way the wind blows

Positioned at the forefront of wind energy development, in 2019, Community Windpower’s wind farms harnessed enough clean, green energy to power a city the size of Newcastle. The company has grown organically by more than 1,200% over the past 15 years.

Community Windpower continues to invest in local communities, including through its BeGreen brand, which has developed and delivered energy efficiency projects, sustainable investment and tangible benefits for local people. The company also works with schools, colleges and universities to create awareness of the wide range of jobs and careers in the renewable industry, and has employed graduates in its teams, helping them start their careers.

The company has also invested £750m in building renewable energy projects, providing homegrown clean green electricity to Nestlé UK, ENGIE, EDF and Statkraft.

In April 2020, as the growing impact of COVID-19 was being felt in communities across the UK, Community Windpower, alongside its community partners, put together a £255,000 COVID-19 Crisis Fund. “The fund is supporting families, charities, the NHS, schools and food banks across our wind farm communities, taking our investment into local communities past £5m,” says Rod Wood, Managing Director of Community Windpower.
“Operating since 2001, we have a dedicated team of highly experienced civil and electrical engineers and environmental professionals who are committed to renewable energy to help reduce the serious threat that Climate Change now poses,” adds Rod.

“Renewable energy (wind and solar) is now much cheaper than coal, oil, gas and certainly nuclear, even without the decommissioning and clean-up costs. The Government understands that onshore wind and solar are the cheapest forms of energy and most favoured by the British public,” he explains.