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Pure ambition

Offering healthy food in a café-style setting with an appetite for sustainability, Pure, before lockdown, served more than 100,000 customers every week across its 22 stores and corporate catering gigs. “We put the pleasure back into food-on-the-go,” says Spencer Craig, CEO and founder of Pure.

Pure serves natural, handmade and wholesome food – and this healthy approach extends beyond its kitchens. It has been working hard to improve its sustainability credentials and has made significant steps towards reducing its carbon footprint so far. Its efforts have led to it becoming the market leader in reusable cup usage, in pre-pandemic times, with 20% of its customers purchasing hot drinks in this way. The company has taken steps to make its packaging as sustainable as possible too. It uses only 100% biodegradable cutlery made from corn, its salad bowls are made from 90% recycled plastic, plastic straws have been banished, and paper bags and napkins are only available at the request of the customer.

Its shops also use 100% renewable energy and it claims to be the only high-street food-to-go business that actively dissuades customers from buying bottled water by offering free filtered still and sparkling water in all its shops, including station and airport branches.

Pure also invests in its employees in terms of career development. “This includes training courses for every role, including a test and graduation to progress within our shop teams to our ‘Guru’ positions, such as Barista,” says Spencer. “We have a number of courses to help our team develop beyond these roles and into management. We are very proud that over 80% of our managers and most of our head office team started their careers in the Pure Kitchens.”

The company also boasts a 0% gender pay gap across the whole business, and a 0.1% female pay advantage in its shops.