Company information

  • Website: www.wikov.com
  • Sector: Manufacturing
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Revenue: €40M to €50M

Get into gear

Based in the famous city of Pilsen in the Czech Republic, Wikov is a medium-sized manufacturer with super-sized ambitions. From its innovative manufacturing plant, it produces state-of-the-art gearboxes for industrial use and railway vehicles all over the world.

"We supply customer-specific and application-specific industrial gearboxes, as well as precise mechanical components for automation, machine tool, automotive and construction machinery," explains CEO Antonin Ruzicka. "We make both one-off products and larger series products too."

"We make both one-off and larger series products. The most important feature has been our flexibility"

It’s this adaptive approach to production that Antonin believes is key to Wikov’s success. "The most important feature has been our flexibility in engineering," he says.

The team at Wikov prides itself on offering tailored components for industries as diverse as the wind turbine market in Asia and railways in Russia. Antonin points to a winning combination of flexibility, quality and speed as critical to the company’s growth in recent years: "We can prototype very specific gearboxes in very little time."

Equally vital has been its focus on supplying the energy sector – both oil and gas applications such as jack-up systems, pumps, winches and hoists, and renewables. "We caught up with the booming wind turbine market in Asia and now supply a number of specific wind turbine gearboxes," reveals Antonin. "These Asian contracts helped us to successfully bridge the weak years of financial crises in western markets."

  • 95 – Number of years Wikov has been manufacturing gears and gearboxes

Antonin anticipates a greater demand for more efficient and quieter trains, as well as a wide use of condition-monitoring systems and self-protecting features of driverless trains. "Railway vehicles have a good future," he says. "Especially in city transportation and commuting trains."

Greater efficiency is at the heart of Wikov’s development too, and a plan to improve productivity and proficiency is well under way. "This will lead to the improvement of our territorial presence on all major markets," Antonin believes.