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  • Sector: Telephone operator
  • Country: Sweden
  • Revenue: €20M to €30M

Go with the flow

Before the internet revolution brought us Skype, Google Voice and other online services, people communicated the old-fashioned way – by landline telephone. But because so much of our interaction with others is now taking place online, traditional telecoms companies have needed to adapt in order to survive, both in the social and professional spheres. For the latter in particular, telephone and public branch exchange, or PBX – the standard multi-line telecoms system used in offices – is being muscled out of contention by its online competitors, and in the process becoming more of a curse than a boon.

“Generally, telephone and PBX services have a bad user experience in everything from pricing and purchasing to installing,” says Viktor Karlsson, founder and CEO of Telavox. Based in Sweden, it has been supplying telephone services to offices since 2002.

“We want to change that with our communication solution Flow, by making the traditional telecom PBX and phone service into a modern and digital online service.”

  • 5x – The amount by which Telavox will need to increase its workforce to expand into Europe

The biggest opportunity has been the shift in PBX from a physical product – the switching system between multiple central office lines – into a cloud service. “We went from having a 0% market share to around 20% of all the companies that shifted into a PBX cloud service,” he says.

“We see expansion into the most important markets in Europe and to do that we need at least five times the workforce that we have today.” And with that it will be able to do what any company in the telecoms sector now is required to do – shift from being a local provider to a global one. Viktor’s guiding philosophy has kept Telavox moving forward: “Build up your visions, priorities and execute them. Learn and change fast.”