Technology & digital

Technology & digital

All hands on tech

The growth of Britain’s technology sector continues to outstrip GDP. It is helping to seal the UK’s reputation as a global springboard for new enterprises.

The UK tech sector has been growing faster than any other part of the economy for several years, with the number of tech-related companies rising by 31% since 2010. That is equivalent to 45,000 new businesses, or one new company every hour of every day for the past five years. Confidence is high and tech bosses predict steady growth will continue in the coming year.

Sector at a glance

  • 12.4% – The proportion of the UK economy accounted for by technology and digital business, more than any other G20 country
  • 1.46 million – The number of people employed in UK digital industries
  • 15% – The proportion of 2013-14 UK start-ups that were digital companies

Angel investing from start-up to scale-up

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Accesso provides ticketing and queuing solutions to theme parks and leisure attractions in more than 25 countries.
Initially a pub-conversation idea, Glide Utilities has since evolved into a multi-million pound utilities and services provider.
Capitalising on the move away from computers, InternetQ provides mobile marketing and digital entertainment solutions.
London-based Maintel prides itself on providing multi- and omni-channel strategies for clients.
Providing lending software to banks, finance companies and retail brands, Nostrum aims to make lending cheaper, faster and safer.
Headquartered in Leeds, digital marketing company Search Laboratory recently opened an office in New York.
Team 17 not only makes its own video games, but assists other developers that lack the resources required.