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The great outdoors

Talon is the UK’s only independent ‘out-of-home’ media specialist. It plans and purchases outdoor advertising, such as on digital screens at train stations or busy public spaces, at bus stops and even on prominent buildings – among other strategically researched sites.

CEO Eric Newnham says the secret of its success is its people and strong leadership. “Our agency and client annual surveys highlight the value of our people, their attitude and our senior level expertise,” he says. “Crucially, we aim to be different and embrace technology at every turn.”

Technology has certainly spurred growth: “30% of the industry is now digital screens and we deliver 40% of our revenues through this medium.”

But technology aside, a strong focus on client relationships has helped steer the company through difficult economic times.

“We focused on stronger dealings with our core client base (Omnicom’s media agencies) and a more senior management influence in our clients and agencies,” says Eric.

  • 40% – The proportion of revenues Talon achieves through digital screens

“We also had to convince our new clients we could deliver to a high standard and exceed expectations.”

So what of the future? “The way advertising is seen, planned and bought will experience significant change in the next five years, from the use of data to programmatic buying,” says Eric.

 “We are well placed in both, having delivered the first truly programmatic campaign in our sector.

“We want to spread the influence and value of out-of-home advertising to more brands and sectors and that is where we see real growth coming from.”