SWR Waste Management

SWR Waste Management

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Leading the waste revolution

As the fastest-growing national waste management broker in the UK for the past five years, SWR delivers bespoke solutions to the automotive, hospitality, retail, food manufacturing and facilities management sectors.

“Essentially we work with customers to manage their waste costs and increase recycling levels,” says Andy Butler, CEO.

“Our fantastic, enthusiastic staff really understand the importance of customer care. That has been vital”

The waste management industry has historically never had great customer service, according to Andy, and that is one of the unique drivers of SWR’s success.

“Our fantastic, enthusiastic staff really understand the importance of customer care and that has been vital,” says Andy. The waste management sector is evolving fast and SWR have been cashing in.

“One of the biggest issues in the industry currently is that of food waste segregation. Because of our presence in the hospitality sector, we have been able to deliver innovative solutions for the likes of Pizza Express, Spirit Pub Group and Carluccio’s,” says Andy.

However, making a profit is still hard work, and the industry is evolving so quickly, the whole model of waste management is changing.

“Costs have escalated quickly in recent years and I think they will rise rapidly in the next 12-24 months,” says Andy.

  • 50,000 – The number of scheduled container collections SWR makes in a typical month

He predicts that collections will begin to be based on transport costs and the weight of waste.

“It will be a far more equitable approach – the end user will be paying for the waste they produce, not just the number of bins they happen to have! It will accelerate the separation of food waste from general waste.”

Looking to the future, Andy says SWR could easily be twice the size it is today in five years, both in turnover and staff numbers.