Sherif Export-Import

Sherif Export-Import

Company information

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  • Sector: Manufacturing
  • Country: Croatia
  • Revenue: €30M to €40M


Wood-trading company Sherif Export-Import was founded as recently as 1990, but trade has been in the blood of this family-run business for the last three generations, says Director Amor Barakovic.

Today, these results are easily visible thanks to the growing number of hardwood products Sherif exports to worldwide markets every year. As well as these niche market products, Sherif recently expanded into renewable energy production – electric and thermal – from wood biomass.

“Expanding our business to complementary areas, such as electricity and heat energy production from renewables, is one of the biggest opportunities the company has seen in recent years,” says Amor.

  • 1990 – The year Sherif Export-Import was founded

Other opportunities include the Far East – a market that, in recent years, Sherif has increasingly explored as an alternative to the sluggish European market. “Our biggest challenge is keeping up exports to regular markets, while increasing exports to new markets with high populations,” says Amor. 

But now the company is looking towards both export growth and alternative energy production: “The plan is that in five years time, we’ll be a regional leader of exporting wood products, as well as a leader of producing energy from wood biomass,” says Amor.

Amor believes that the coming years will see a shift in the market, with smaller trading companies gradually disappearing while the big players capture more of the market. “They’ll become even more competitive in the global marketplace.”

To encourage that competitiveness, the team at Sherif want to see Europe ban the export of logs and raw material (biomass), believing this would encourage greater clean energy usage and create new jobs in green and eco friendly businesses.