Pure Gym

Pure Gym

Company information

  • Website: www.puregym.com
  • Sector: Health and fitness
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Revenue: €75M to €100M

Health benefits

Urban living can be stressful, with high rents and exorbitant commuter fees making life less than comfortable. And it can be unhealthy too. Often bookending each office day are a morning and evening spent wedged inside a train carriage or a bus. The management at Pure Gym knew how toxic this combination could be, and so made it their quest to provide even frugal city spenders with an affordable to way to stay healthy. "Pure Gym was one of the early pioneers of the low-cost gym segment," says CEO Humphrey Cobbold. "Our business model disrupted the gym industry by providing members with a product they actually want, and making gym membership a more affordable lifestyle choice."

Pure Gym is now the fasting growing company in the sector, offering membership for typically less than half that of traditional operators. It keeps the doors of its gyms open round the clock and, with people becoming more health conscious and receptive to government efforts to encourage healthier lifestyles, business is booming. "Whether it’s in retail, airlines or taxis, the stigma attached to using low cost brands no longer exists," Humphrey says. "Consumers are focused on price and service – two things we excel in."

  • 150+ – The number of Pure Gym facilities in the UK, making it the fastest-growing company in the sector

Founded in 2009, Pure Gym runs facilities across the UK. In 2015 it bought LA Fitness, thereby expanding its presence in London and Southeast England. This is set to grow in the coming years as the trend for gym use gathers pace. "Compared to the US and continental Europe, the UK is under-penetrated when it comes to gym membership," he says. In particular it finds itself increasingly catering to people short on time but big on intention, with services like its Pure Ride spin studio tailored toward the busy but health conscious city worker.

Its rapid growth has caused some unexpected pains for the company, but Humphrey says there is always a solution, and it tends to be in the men and woman behind the idea. "The best remedy has been to hire highly talented people and to stay focused on our members, and our core mission," he says.