Plastika Skaza

Plastika Skaza

Company information

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  • Sector: Plastics production
  • Country: Slovenia
  • Revenue: €20M to €30M

Plastic fantastic

Companies producing plastic goods increasingly find themselves in the cross hairs of environmentalists who point out the damage the material does to the planet. As the trend towards conservation has gathered pace over the past two decades, businesses have had to rethink how they can continue their production lines while showcasing a commitment to sustainability. This has been a particular priority for Slovenian company Plastika Skaza, which has emphasised innovation in its two major fields of plastics processing and injection moulding for sectors as diverse as furniture and the automative industries.

"We focused all our energy on keeping our development and production operations in our small Slovenian town"

The company has experienced major growth since its inception in 1977, yet despite watching as competitors outsource to cheaper labour pools elsewhere in the word, the Plastika Skaza management opted to remain true to their roots. "We wanted to continue to provide jobs in Slovenia," says Ana Laura Rednak, the company’s Executive Director. "We focused all our energy on keeping our development and production operations in our small Slovenian town of some 25,000 people, even if that meant higher costs." The company has not lost a single business partner in 38 years, an achievement that Ana says is in large part thanks to a driven employee base that constantly listens to the needs of its associates.

Plastika Skaza knows the future lies in sustainable development, and to that end is focusing on high-end plastics products made using recycled material. This is a vision its clients share too, and the resulting synergy is what drives the company forward.

  • 2 – Number of employees when the company began operations in 1977. It now has 255

"At the end of 2015, Plastika Skaza employed 255 people," Ana says. "By 2020, our workforce will have grown to 350. With the help of our associates, our target is to grow the business." The goal is to make Plastika Skaza a household name, its products ubiquitous across Slovenia and the rest of Europe. "We are already collaborating closely with young innovators, filling up our bank of ideas with all their creative ideas and working with them to turn those ideas into real products and launch them on the global market."