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Unrivalled peace of mind

Peak Scientific is a leading innovator in the design, manufacture and post-production support of high performance gas generators for analytical laboratories.   

“Our forte is in providing our customers with unrivalled peace of mind and hassle-free, high-quality, dependable gas generation solutions on site and tailored to meet their specific laboratory demands,” says its Managing Director, Robin MacGeachy.

“Find something you enjoy not just for the money. The money will follow if you do it right”

Peak is selling to almost every country on the planet and into an impressive range of market sectors from education to food and beverages, forensics to medical and from pharmacology to oil and gas.

Robin says Peak also identified a gap in the market for providing a high-quality service. “Our competitors, in most cases, require their generator to be uplifted and taken to a repair centre if a breakdown occurs. All the while, the customer’s instrument is not operational,” explains Robin.

“We realised that this was not convenient for customers and also, not necessary. Our solution was to send engineers to the customer’s site.

“This has proved hugely successful with 95% of breakdowns repaired on the first site visit.”

This service proposition has helped fight off fierce competition from major rivals, explains Robin.

In the next five years, Peak plans to invest heavily in research and development and new systems to meet the evolving needs of its clients.

  • 95% – The proportion of breakdowns that Peak Scientific repair on a first site visit

“We are aiming for, and expect to have, turnover greater than £100m within five years,” says Robin.

But for those starting out, Robin says passion and enjoyment are more important than cash.

“Find something you enjoy not just for the money. The money will follow if you do it right and play for the long term.”