Max Computers

Max Computers

Company information

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  • Sector: Computer sales
  • Country: Poland
  • Revenue: €75M to €100M

Take it to the max

Max Computers has been in the market for 18 years, and it just cannot stop growing. The Polish IT sales powerhouse is aiming to build still further on last year’s record growth. It is the belief of the company’s management that these figures testify to the value of the innovative approach it takes to its business. “We promote original solutions, redefine processes and technologies, and develop effective sales concepts,” says CEO Daniel Drzewiñski, who now oversees a company boasting double-digit annual growth. But Daniel says that the key to its success lies in its intimate relationship with each of its 600 suppliers. Rather than taking a blanket approach to all its clients, the company is attentive to the unique needs of each one. 

“We play the role of an adviser, inspiring and recommending the most dynamic concepts”

“Regardless of the company size, we build unique relationships with each partner. In our everyday work with clients we play the role of an adviser, inspiring and recommending the most dynamic concepts that have a real impact on their business development,” Daniel says. If its growth trend continues, by 2020 Max Computers will have doubled its current €150m annual turnover, thanks in large part to both the growing demand for IT in Poland and to its own marketing strategies. The company sees itself as an incubator of ideas across the gamut of its activity, whether it be logistics or tax-accounting services.

  • 300m – Expected annual turnover by 2020 if current growth rates are maintained

Daniel believes business is like sport and adds that those who are successful have adopted a team spirit and a drive to lead the competition in whichever sector they operate. “People who contribute to the company’s success are full of ambition, hungry for knowledge and open to new experiences and development; they are honest and hard-working,” he says. This last point is, Daniel believes, the most important. “It has been known for a long time that success consists of two components: 10% is talent and 90% is hard work. Let us not be afraid of these two key words.