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Lexington Catering

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Set up in 2002, Lexington Catering is an award-winning contract caterer that provides high-quality food for clients including top law firms and hedge funds across London.

“We’ve won numerous awards for our people and HR strategy,” says CEO Mike Sunley. “As a result, we have a very low staff turnover, which has been incredibly positive for us.”

  • > 650 – The number of staff currently employed by Lexington Catering

Mike cites the massively growing healthy eating food scene, as a large part of the company’s success. “We’ve been a step ahead of this with our award-winning Vitalicious Juice range and Let’s Energise grab-and-go range – products designed to deliver sustained energy levels.

“Our customers demand the best food, made with the best ingredients, sourced sustainably – they want to understand the journey from farm to plate. If they don’t like the story you’re telling they will take their custom elsewhere.”